I am a strong storyteller and editor with an experience in multimedia storytelling, including radio, video, print and digital.

Originally from St. Louis, I lived in Quito, Ecuador for six years. My background growing up overseas has given me a passion for social justice issues and using communication to serve impoverished or downtrodden communities. I can speak and write Spanish fluently, in both casual and professional settings.


I spent one summer living in a home for teen moms and their children in Ecuador, with goal was to investigate the socio-economic factors that contribute to Ecuador having the highest rate of teen pregnancy in South America. (Read the women’s stories at bit.ly/quitomoms)


I enjoy working either as an individual or in a team to create creative, storytelling packages that engage viewers; recently I won several awards from the Illinois Press Association for several infographics I collaborated on.

I have worked the last three years as an editor and reporter for a daily newspaper located about an hour south of Chicago. I also have five years of experience in producing content and strategy for social media, websites and blogs.

Past projects have given me experience in editing video, audio, photography and digital packages. My skills include:

  • Managing social media across various platforms, and creating content in WordPress, Wix and Perch
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Producing video, audio and web packages using Adobe Audition, AV Flex, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and Sony XPRI
  • Collaborating to create alternative story-telling forms and infographics across a variety of media