Out of Context: The Social Media Conundrum

Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 5.11.31 PM

It was late at night. I was in my apartment after a long school/work day for some mindless surfing of facebook. Lo and behold, I came across something else that night–another news article shared completely taken out of context.

And the question that comes to my mind is how long? How long will we continue to share stories, news bits, photos, and videos without checking source credibility, source agenda, or even stoping to consider the larger context of the issue?

A major issue my generation complains about is the way political sides are both divided and divisive. I wonder if one cause might be that our society uses social media to “share news” without bothering to read or understand the actual issue at hand.

The problem is two-fold. In our busy schedules we don’t take the time to read the four articles the New York Times have published about an issueyet complain when the media doesn’t give context.

What social media needs is this millennial generation to use what they know to start making intelligent posts about the news, social issues, and politics. I know out generation can. And only when this happens will I be able to skim facebook, or twitter, or whatever other social media sight, without cringing over the context conundrum.

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